New Website!

I just created my first website with Wix. The site contains a resume infographic, a digital media portfolio, a writing portfolio, and more. Go check it out here.


Composition and Information Hierarchies

{Reading Images by Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen}

“The positioning of the elements in a composition endows these elements with different informational values in relation to other elements.”

Composition is the placement and arrangements of elements in a piece of digital media. How text, pictures, and graphics are placed creates an information hierarchy. Composition determines what we see first and what we think is important. Kress and van Leeuwen write about how position on a page or screen determines the importance of a design element. Continue reading →

Grids, Logos, and Critiques

{All tips and ideas come from Allison Goodman’s book, The Seven Essentials of Graphic Design.}

Chapter 5: Grid Systems. Why are grid systems good? They provide a structure and rhythm to media. They also create visual consistency across pages, packages, or magazines. Goodman provides three reasons to develop a layout grid. 1. A grid creates a consistent design look that can be reused over and over. This is useful for a multipage or multi-issue publication. 2. Grids provide an underlying logic for layout decisions. 3. They help make vital information clear and easy to access. Typography, color, and photography should all be used consistently across the grid to create a cleaner and more organized layout. Continue reading →